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Did you know many of today's famous authors self-published their first books? Some of them are starting to self-publish again. New technology and a rapidly changing industry are paving the way for new authors to get their work in print.

Did you know that unless you publish your book yourself, the odds are your work will never be published?

Did you know that traditional book publishers are only able to pick up a small percentage of the manuscripts they review. If you send a manuscript to them without an invitation from them, you are almost certain to be rejected.

Check out the options and resources revealed in this site you now have, such as e-books, print-on-demand and offset printing, that are more affordable options for you to get your work published.




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by Mack E. Smith and
Sara Freeman Smith
Third Edition
Foreword by Dan Poynter

This book is a simple guide for aspiring authors and includes a special section for minorities and women that contains valuable resources often omitted in self-publishing books. It also includes useful discussions on print-on-demand, the Internet, e-books, and other new and exciting technology.



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