Self-Publishing Quiz

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1. Do you want to retain total control while producing your book? Yes No
2. Do you take rejection poorly? Yes No
3. Are you willing to spend most of your spare time promoting your book? Yes No
4. Do you have basic writing skills and are willing to improve them? Yes No
5. Are you passionate about the subject of your book? Yes No
6. Do you have a basic understanding of how to operate a business? Yes No
7. Do you have at least $1,500 to invest in your book? Yes No
8. Are you willing to pay for advice from book industry professions? Yes No
9. Do you have at least 500 people targeted that will buy directly from you? Yes No
10. Are you publishing your book to earn a profit? Yes No


Each yes answer should be awarded 10 points.

Score 80-100
Excellent -
You possess traits and skills that are necessary to successfully publish your own book. You may have a few areas that require immediate attention to achieve your goal. You can also seek a professional for help with your project.

Score 70
Fair -
You can successfully publish your book, however, you have several areas that need development to achieve your project. You should seek guidance from book professionals with your endeavor or enroll in courses to enhance developmental concerns.

Score 60
Tentative -
You have many limitations that could inhibit you from successfully publishing your book. You should engage various book professionals for advice, such as publicists, book consultants, editors, book cover and layout designers, etc. Another option is secure a literary agent to pursue traditional publishing instead of self-publishing your book.

Score 50 or less
Reassess self-publishing your book -
You should seriously consider exploring other options for publishing your book. Research and seek a literary agent for your book. If you insist on self-publishing, prepare yourself to focus on specific areas for improvement and work hard daily on your project. Each challenge you face will be an opportunity to learn from professionals and improve your book. See it, believe it and you can achieve it! This assessment will help you determine whether self-publishing is right for you. If you decide to self-publish, study books on writing, publishing, marketing, and promoting books. Mack and Sara are consultants and the authors of How to Self-Publish & Market Your Own Book. Sign up for their free mini-course at You may reprint or pass on this article provided you do not alter the content in any way.

Copyright 2003 Mack E. Smith and Sara Freeman Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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