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Congratulations! You are obviously serious about writing, because you are on the Internet doing your research. Perhaps you are working on your first book. If so, your life is about to change. You are starting a journey that will have obstacles on the way, but there are numerous resources at your disposal on this site.

People get excited when they meet an author. They cherish owning a personally autographed copy of a book. They view you as an expert on your subject. If you do your research, seek advice from professionals, and focus on producing quality work, you will become an expert. So, get ready to use some of the many resources on this site to get your work in print.

The African American Guide to Writing & Publishing Nonfiction


Writing Nonfiction


You will learn how to break the topic down into easy-to-attack projects; how and where to do research; a process that makes writing easy; how to improve material; how to evaluate your publishing options and how to develop an individualized and workable plan. This book will help you decide whether to sell to a large publisher, a specialized publisher, get an agent or publish yourself. Using the "pilot system" of organization, the binder concept and the check-off lists will accelerate your book writing. If you are in the thinking-planning stages or the writing stage on your manuscript, you need this book.

How to Write Your Own E-Book in 7 Days



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