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If you have written a manuscript that has been rejected, don't take it personally. Only about 1%-4% of manuscripts are picked up by publishing houses. There are literally millions of manuscripts that will never be published unless the authors do it themselves. The good news is that there are resources to give up all the tools, information, and motivation to publish your own book. If you are a published author and want to try self-publishing your next book, you can also benefit from the information resources listed in this section.

New advances in technology make it mandatory for you to stay updated on changes in the publishing industry. The seminars, workshops, and personal coaching resources below will help you take advantage of the many improvements ongoing in the industry.

Our sponsor company gives a series of workshops, seminars, and personal coaching sessions for writers who want to self-publish a book, learn how to conduct media interviews, or become motivational speakers.

Career Development - Aspiring Writers

These are two-hour seminars for writers who desire to publish their own book or have their manuscripts picked up by a publisher.
Fee: $30.00

This seminar covers several topics that teaches you:

  • The importance of a book marketing plan
  • How to get free publicity
  • Invaluable publishing resources
  • The importance of a book cover
  • How to get your book in bookstores and much more... .
Career Development - Motivational Speakers

These are two-hour seminars for writers and other individuals who desire to improve their public speaking skills. Fee: $30.00

These sessions will teach you how to:

  • Avoid common speaking mistakes to Get return offers to speak again
  • Motivate your audience and get them excited about your topic
  • Get on talk radio and television shows
How To Self-Publish & Market Your Book

This is an intensive one-day workshop for aspiring writers who want to publish their own book. Fee: $99.00

These sessions will teach you:

  • New ways to sell books
  • Where to go for help to complete your book project
  • How to get free publicity
  • How to save thousands of dollars by using new technology
  • How to get your books into bookstores
  • How to publish your book with a low budget
  • How to avoid common mistakes that cost you money
Personal Coaching

Personal Career Coaching (Hourly Sessions) $100.00

Individual coaching sessions are designed to address specific concerns or questions not covered in the workshops. The sessions may include career/business counseling, writing, publishing or speaking advice. These sessions can be conducted by the phone or in person. Individuals can request sessions with one author or both.

For more information about any of these services, send an e-mail to sales@writershelpdesk.com or call 281-596-8330 or 1-800-500-2570

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