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Our mission is to equip aspiring writers or authors with the tools and resources necessary to self-publish their books or to get their books published. Taking advantage of traditional and emerging alternative publishing resources, Writer's Help Desk.com seeks to help individuals turn their dreams to publish their own books into reality. The company has developed information and workshops to assist writers to publish and promote their books. Writer's Help Desk.com has formed alliances with a team of experts to enhance the quality of books produced.

The Company

Writer's Help Desk.com is sponsored by U R Gems Group,Inc., a publishing and consulting firm located in Houston, Texas. The principals, Mack E. Smith and Sara Freeman Smith, have published eight books. Mack and Sara conduct publishing and marketing workshops around the country, providing valuable tools and inspiration for emerging writers and authors.

The idea for "Writer's Help Desk.com" was conceived in 1998. The initial purpose of the organization was to provide reference information for aspiring writers interested in publishing their own books. The company has evolved into a complete online resource. We help new authors as well as previously published authors who want to self-publish a book or have their books published using digital technology, such as print on demand, electronic printing, and print quantities needed alternatives.

Training Offered

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