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E-Book Sources

This company has developed partnerships or alliances with Barnes and Noble(now owns 49% of the company), Ingram ‘s LightningPrint.com, Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Club, and Author’s Guild. They are positioned to be a major player in this relatively new industry. www.iuniverse.com

Fat Brain
Readers buy e-books from the Fatbrain website. Their e-books or eMatter appears to fancy shorter length e-books, although their website also has high content e-books. This concept makes it more feasiable to print books from a computer. www.fatbrain.com

This software company permits readers to view e-books in PDF format. GlassBook has developed a proprietary secured format that limits the printing of documents. This software has been used by major online bookstores. www.glassbook.com

Rocket eBook
NuvoMedia has developed a hand-held reader, The Rocket eBook. Users download content from the company’s online bookstore or some of the major online bookstores. The content is in a special HTML format called RocketEditions and can be transferred to the Rocket eBook reader device. The company has established a distribution network with Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. The reader costs about $350 and stores multiple books. www.rocket-ebook.com

The company offers books in both Adobe PDF and print-on-demand formats. A national distribution network is available through bookstores and online booksellers such as Amazon.com. Fees for their services are less than $1,000 for electronic and print formats. Authors and publishers can elect only one format to reduce their initial investment. www.1stbooks.com

Utilizing an internal modem users can access titles directly from the company’s website using the Softbook dedicated reader device. The Softbook costs about $300. There may be other minimum content purchase requirements. www.softbook.com

This company focuses on publishers to offer titles in multiple formats. Their titles may be available through Rocket eBook and SoftBook readers. They may also absorb the costs to convert the book titles into various formats. www.publishingonline.com

Microsoft Reader
Microsoft is scheduled to release it’s new reader in mid-2000. It will use a reader device based on “Clear Type” technology. It claims their reader will display content close to the quality of paper. It will also have security software that protects against copying and piracy. www.microsoft.com/reader.

Peanut Press
This company is focusing on the whole potential of the Palm Pilot device. Users download book titles from their website and then to their hand-held devices. Set up fees are currently waived and you ar not required to sign an exclusivity agreement required. Royalty rates are negotiable. www.peanutpress.com


On-Demand Book Printers and Services

CSS Publishing Company
517 S. Main Street
Lima, OH 45804
phone: (800) 241-4056 or (419) 227-1818
fax: (419) 228-9184
They do both on-demand and offset or traditional printing.

2550 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051
phone: (877) FATBRAIN
An established online book seller that also offers e-books and print-on-demand services to authors.

620 North 48th Street, Suite 201
Lincoln, NE 68504
phone: (800) 376-1736
Barnes and Noble owns 49% of the company.

Lightning Print
1136 Heil Quaker Boulevard
LaVergne, TN 37086
phone: (615) 213-5466
fax: (615) 213-5114
They are owned by Ingram Books.

Sprout, Inc.
430 Tenth Street NW , Suite S-007
Atlanta, GA 30318
phone: (404) 404-892-9600
fax: (404) 404-881-1383
Borders Books has a minority interest in this company.

436 Walnut
Philadelphia, PA 19106
phone: (800) 888-795-5474 (215) 923-4686
Xlibris is a strategic partner of Random House Ventures.


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